Gan 460M Magnetic 4x4x4 Stickerless


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Gan 460M Magnetic 4x4x4 Stickerless

MAGNETIC CAPSULE FOR GAN. Magnet that is revolutionary Tight and accurate positioning The GMC (GAN magnet capsule )technology—innovated inserting magnets into capsules, and capsules are locked into slots,tightly and precisely—replaced handcrafted, pungently Glued magnets.
See the Force, and Move at Your Own Pace. The GMC replaces concealed magnets and displays all 96 magnets. ——-gracefully. There are no more missing or falling out pieces.
The Cube Is Illuminated by Symmetry. GAN460M makes use of a new GAN patent———— Total Symmetric Structure is now the same color inside and out, with no stickers, resulting in exceptional strength inside and out, as well as the wonderful honeycomb inside and out.
GAN460 GD is beautiful and easy to use, as well as strong, thanks to its complete symmetric clips. Unbreakable components and higher-strength feet Clips hold all of the pieces and blocks together neatly and firmly.
GAN460 (E) has a greater perpendicularity when assembled with GANSCORE. The new 4×4 IPG (lron plastic GANSCORE) is based on the 3×3 IPG design and is made of iron and plastic. Higher perpendicularity, more inner space, and a longer concealed edge piece result in better anti-POP properties.

The kit includes a plastic case for the GAN 460, a GAN protective cube bag, and a GAN tension tool.


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