Gan 251 M Magnetic 2X2x2 Stickerless


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Gan 251 M Magnetic 2X2x2 Stickerless

GAN’S FLAGSHIP 2×2 FOR 2019 – GAN 251M is now available! In comparison to the preceding 2×2 GAN 249, this tiny cube is larger in size but lighter in weight.
LIGHT, FAST, AND CONTROLABLE – The GAN251 sticker reduces the weight to to 51 grams, making it 10% lighter than the GAN249. The enhanced turning is clearly evident because to visible magnets, although movement is still controlled.
GAN251 M IS COMPOSED OF 173 COMPONENTS – GAN’s exquisite craftsmanship is on full display in GAN251 M. All characteristics are supplied as “buttery smooth” in your hands, including double-L tile clips, entire symmetry structure, and adjustable GES systems.
EASY MAINTENANCE – GAN has a honeycomb v2 design on the corner contact points, which provides a smoother feel and extends the lubricant’s life.
PART OF THE GAN TEAM – When you shop at the GAN Cube store, you’re supporting the world’s most popular 3×3 brand. You can get the newest GAN product news, join a fan group, and even contribute a sound for future models here. Don’t worry about missing accessories or a bad experience; our customer service team will make you happy.


Color: Stickerless
Level: 2X2X2
Weight: About 51g


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