YuXin Little Magic 5x5x5 M Magnetic Stickerless


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YuXin Little Magic 5x5x5 M Magnetic Stickerless

For those on a budget, the Yuxin Little Magic 5×5 M is a fantastic magnetic 5×5 speed cube. The Little Magic 5×5’s performance is unaffected by its low price, having a mild magnetic feel and easy turning right out of the box. This puzzle is also expected to become very popular very fast because to its vivid stickerless colors.

YuXin’s Little Magic 5×5 M magic cube is a brand-new, high-quality YuXin product. makes for a pleasant hand feel and excellent overall performance! 62.5×62.5×62.5mm is the size of the cube. It is compact and beautiful, easy to transport and store, and meets the needs of a variety of cubers.
Anti-pop technology and a redesigned mechanism construction allow for quicker turning while maintaining excellent corner cutting and zero pops. Increase your solution time without exerting any effort and provide you with the greatest turning sensation ahead of time. Turning is simple, and the game runs well.
Parts of the round corner components have been optimized, allowing work to be coordinated more efficiently.
Improve the ability to cut corners and make it more fluid while solving.
Traditional stickers have been replaced by bright plastic ones that will not fade or remove. The speed cube is completely tensionable and offers a wide range of customization options. Comes pre-tensioned and lubed. It’s ready to rock when you get the cube!


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