YJ MGC Magnetic 3x3x3 Black


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YJ MGC Magnetic 3x3x3 Black

YJ MGC – The YJ MGC is the company’s latest flagship 3×3 speed cube. It has a magnetic positioning system, main internals, and excellent all-around performance in a 55.5mm package.
Incredible Fault-tolerance Performing Arts – The MGC 3×3 M was extremely light and airy right out of the box. Without exerting any effort, the wheel turns smoothly. It just happens when you want it to.
Magnet Positioning System – The magnet positioning system is a novel cubing technique that relies on the attraction of tiny magnets placed inside the cube’s components to keep the cube in place. The attraction between the pieces gives the game a distinct feel while also reducing overshooting and lock-ups.
Arrive lubed and cinched – Excellent rotation and high quality. Corner cutting is excellent, and the tension can be adjusted. It’s difficult to pop, but you have good control over the cube. Bye-bye, corner-twist and lock-ups.
The Best Gift Idea – Packaged in a classy gift box. The ideal present for children and friends. Beginners and experts alike will benefit from this course. The 3×3 cube will keep you entertained for hours.


Color: Black
Level: 3x3x3
Weight: About 86g


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