QiYi XMD X-Man Shadow M Magnetic 6x6x6 Black


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QiYi XMD X-Man Shadow M Magnetic 6x6x6 Black

The classic color-matching puzzle Qiyi X-Man Shadow M 6×6 Speed Cube is a fantastic mental challenge at home or on the go. Turn and twist the cube’s sides until each of the six faces has just one color. Beginner and professional players alike will enjoy this game.
This 6×6 cube is both challenging and fun, and it may help your child’s sense of space and memory. It’s a traditional color-matching problem in which the colors fluctuate, making it appear jumbled, but once solved, it miraculously transforms back into a flawless cube.
OUTSTANDING STABILITY – Corner cutting is excellent, and the tension can be adjusted. It doesn’t corner twist as much, and it doesn’t lock up as much. It’s difficult to pop, but you’ll have good control over the cube because it’s pre-lubricated and tensioned. Definitely an excellent option for you to enhance your competitive record. This cube has the potential to be utilized in international contests.
Small & FAST – The X-Man Design Shadow M is super lightweight and stable, with a compact size of 65mm and a weight of 188.5 grams. Controlling it is simple. Awesome Everyone will like the way it appears because of the vivid color. Designed using unique and eco-friendly ABS material that is non-toxic and safe for people and the environment.


Color: Black
Level: 6x6x6

What’s In The Box?
1x Qiyi X-Man Shadow


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