QiYi WuQue Mini M 4x4x4 MoFangGe Speed Cube Stickerless


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QiYi WuQue Mini M 4x4x4 MoFangGe Speed Cube Stickerless

For two years prior to the debut of the WuQue, 4×4 world records were at a standstill. Following the introduction of WuQue, there was a rise in record-breaking. The record time was cut in half, from 26 to 21 seconds. The debut of the WuQue Mini heralds the birth of a new 4×4 star.
The WuQue Mini is 2mm shorter than the WuQue. The 60mm size is designed for turning that is rapid, smooth, and flexible. The WuQue Mini weighs 122.8g, whereas the WuQue Mini M, which is magnetic, weighs 133.8g. The lightness helps you achieve your best every time by reducing tiredness from extended practice sessions.
The magnets within the Wuque Mini M 4×4 give the cube a fantastic positioned feel and greatly increase the cube’s stability. Magnet grooves ensure that magnets are set correctly and that they last longer. The dual-level foot’s inner surface base has a reverse pin design that substantially decreases popping.
The cube’s rotation is genuinely steady and controllable because to the enlarged outer layers, which give a superior 4×4 stage after reduction and overall controllability, resulting in smoother, better feel, and superior rotation.
The internals of the WuQue Mini are composed of premium ABS, giving the Wuque M variants a uniform, high-quality feel. Overall, I would suggest this cube.


Color: Stickerless
Level: 4x4x4


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