QiYi Valk 2 M Magnetic 2x2x2 Stickerless


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QiYi Valk 2 M Magnetic 2x2x2 Stickerless

The Valk 2 M is the first 2×2 of the legendary Valk series. This puzzle is robustly made, with a more thick and substantial feel, coming in at a somewhat bigger than typical 51mm.
This 2×2’s magnet locations are unlike any other on the market. Instead of using solely corner magnets, the Valk2 M employs a corner/edge magnet arrangement similar to that of a 3×3. This reduces the magnetic radius of the problem, making it seem more constant throughout the turn.

Color: Stickerless
Level: 2x2x2
Weight: about 78g


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