MoYu Weilong GTS3 3X3X3 Stickerless


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MoYu Weilong GTS3 3X3X3 Stickerless

The WeiLong GTS3 is a new flagship puzzle from MoYu, a well-known speedcubing company. The GTS3 has a number of unique new features, including a spring compression gear system and outside ridges that help with grip. This cube is quick, crunchy, and smooth by nature.
The magic cube’s edge has a convex shape, which makes it more attractive, allows it to rotate fast, and strengthens the feeling of gripping while successfully preventing the hand from leaving.
The orbit of the multilayer bump improved the stability of the Rubik’s cube, and the friction surface of the anti-sticking method was utilized to address the friction resistance produced by an excessive friction surface, therefore improving the smoothness of the magic cube.

Color: Stickerless
Level: 3x3x3
Weight: about 84g


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