Moyu Cubing Classroom MF3RS3M 3x3x3 Magnetic


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Moyu Cubing Classroom MF3RS3M 3x3x3 Magnetic

Mofang Jiaoshi’s Cubing Classroom MF3RS3 M is a factory magnetized 3×3 with a low price tag. This puzzle has a medium to strong magnetic sensation and easy turning.
More rounded edges, a redesigned mechanism with new anchor/torpedo design, and hardware in the corners distinguish the MF3RS2 from the MF3RS2.
Traditional stickers have been replaced with authentic and environmentally friendly ABS material, which means no fading, peeling, or cheating! This is a Cube with a Frosted Surface. After a lengthy period of use, it has a more textured feel and avoids scratches. New vibrant colors are more effective and simpler to distinguish.
The Anti-stick Coating Degin can reduce the viscosity of the cube and make it easier to solve. Parts of the round corner components have been optimized, allowing work to be coordinated more efficiently. Improve the ability to cut corners and make it more seamless while solving problems


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