MoYu AoSu GTS2 M 4X4X4 Magnetic


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MoYu AoSu GTS2 M 4X4X4 Magnetic

The AoSu GTS2 M has a redesigned design that reduces catching and lockups and comes in a smaller 61mm size. As a consequence, you get a very competitive, compact 4×4 that turns quickly and cleanly.

To choose a better position, use 96 magnetic positioning.
Optimize the anti-stick groove on the friction surface to effectively decrease stickiness and provide a light touch.
The material is light, the color contrast is striking, and the observation is easier.
The little hidden ribs are strengthened by the magic cube, and the huge hidden edge provides a cross-proof anti-flying card angle as well as a double card angle and an edge to the corner block’s corner.

Level: 4x4x4

What’s in the box?
– AoSu GTS2 M 4x4x4 black
– Cube stand
– Magnet x 6
– Instruction
– Screwdriver


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