GuoGuan YueXiao EDM Magnetic 3x3x3 Black


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GuoGuan YueXiao EDM Magnetic 3x3x3 Black

The GuoGuan YueXiao EDM is GuoGuan’s most recent 3×3 release. The world’s first adjustable (rather than replaceable) magnetic system is shown in this puzzle.
This, along with the ultra-lightweight feel and top-of-the-line performance, will undoubtedly result in a fantastic 3×3.
The Anti-stick Degin can reduce the viscosity of the cube, making it easier to solve.
Parts of the round corner components have been optimized, allowing work to be coordinated more efficiently.
Improve the ability to cut corners and make it more fluid while solving.
Solving puzzles and brain teasers are vital exercises to educate children how to work hard to solve complicated issues, as well as to develop a child’s sense of space and memory.
This would be a wonderful present for your kids whether you’re looking to expand your mental capacity or just want to spend some quality time with them.


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