Gan Speed Cube (2020 GSC) 3x3x3 Tiled Scratch Proof Speed Cube


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Gan Speed Cube (2020 GSC) 3x3x3 Tiled Scratch Proof Speed Cube

GAN SPEED CUBE (GSC 3×3) – The RSC 3×3 was the previous name for the GSC 3×3. This speed cube has been revamped with GAN’s logo and packaging, as well as famous GAN Cube handfeels.
NOT JUST A TOY – It’s common knowledge that completing puzzles improves memory, inspection, and problem-solving skills. GAN Cube, out of all the cubes, has wowed customers with its superior quality and cutting-edge technology. It is not to be missed!
NO WAY TO FALL APART OR GET SCRATCHED – The GSC cube’s triple cross feet make it sturdy and anti-POP; the tile-plugin design with well-polished surface will never scratch your fingers, and you won’t need any stickers or a protective bag.
INNER Robust, OUTER SMOOTH – The GSC are built using Ganscores, which make them strong, stable, and adjustable in handfeel. All surfaces are smoothed to a high level of dull-polishing skill, resulting in skin-like handfeels.
TUNABLE TIGHTNESS & EXCELLENT CORNER CUTTING – The GSC’s Corner-Cutting performance is comparable to that of a top-tier speed cube thanks to the GAN Cube’s technical design. The GES system is now available on GSC, allowing you to fine-tune the cube to your personal preferences.


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