Gan 356X IPG V5 3x3x3 Stickerless


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Gan 356X IPG V5 3x3x3 Stickerless

This stickerless Gans 356X edition has a seamless exterior, oracal stickers, a 2.7oz weight, an IPG v5 system, dual control, and simple tuning. IPG v5 and GAN tension nut are included in the updated GES v3. The GES v3 is more adjustable and versatile, allowing you to increase the potential to cut corners.
The redesigned magnet system in the Gans 356 X allows you to alter the magnetic forces in cubes in seconds, allowing you to establish your optimum magnet settings. A felt GAN bag, a GMS, a clear cube box, GES nuts, a GES handbook, an instructional brochure, and a designed VIP card are included.
Magnet Positioning System Structure – magnets are included in each component of the speedcube to more precisely place the pieces; the magnetic force forces the pieces to their right locations and resulting in smoother turning; seek for your preferred handfeel.
Inner surfaces with no seams ensure a smoother turn. Together with honeycomb v2, which distributes lubricant evenly and is long-lasting. As previously, the best round corner curve, anti-Pop, and anti-twist performance are excellent.


Color: Stickerless
Size: 56mm
Weight: About 81g


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