Gan 356 Air SM Magnetic 3x3x3 Black


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Gan 356 Air SM Magnetic 3x3x3 Black

Feliks’ 5.97s World-Record in June 2017 attested to the GAN356 Air SM’s strong performance.
The GAN 356 Air UM’s successor includes an all-new design that has been designed for magnetization, including specific holes for retaining the magnets, a new and enhanced elasticity system (GES V2), and a distinctive honeycomb pattern on the components. Right out of the box, the Air SM seems quick and quiet. A full set of 7 GES V2 spring components, GAN full bright stickers, a GAN CFOP tutorial brochure, plastic adjustment tool, and a GAN 356 Air SM VIP card are included with each Air SM.
The GAN356 AirSM has a total of 48 magnets. The entire cube weights only 76 grams, virtually same to the Air and AirUM.
The world’s first honeycomb contact surface is intended to evenly distribute lubricant over the contact surface, resulting in a highly smooth and stable handfeel as well as a longer lubrication life.
Both the ABS and the core axis screws are used in the injection molding of the IPGv4. With a diameter of 1.90mm+-0.02mm, the core axis screws are precise. The screws must be more stable and vertical to the neighboring axis screw in order to adapt to the precisely built GES v2.

Color: Black
Level: 3x3x3
Weight: About 75g


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