Gan 356 Air Pro 3x3x3 Black (Numerical IPG)


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Gan 356 Air Pro 3x3x3 Black (Numerical IPG)

The GAN 356 Air Pro 3×3 is simply an unmagnetized GAN 356 Air SM with an amazing Numerical IPG core. The Air Pro is extremely light, weighing only 2.4 oz, and has the same great feel as the SM. Tensioning has never been easier thanks to the integration of the Numerical IPG core! With four distinct GES hues (blue, green, purple, and yellow), you can change the tension to one of three preset tensions without using any tools! With this method, you can easily establish an equal tension setting on all six sides of your Air Pro. The Honeycomb design components have been shown to help with lubrication dispersion throughout the puzzle and to minimize “sticking” or lube build-up.


Color: Black
Size: 56mm
Weight: About 68.5g


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