Gan 249 V2 M Magnetic 2X2x2 Black


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Gan 249 V2 M Magnetic 2X2x2 Black

The GAN249 v2 M features a 49mm dimension, an unique fitted tile design, and a main color core that defines good looks and dictates amazing speed. It’s lightning quick and even more attractive.
Easily Tuned with GANs Core – This Gan249 V2 2x2x2 cube features the unique IPG core (Iron-Plastic GAN core).
The 2×2 cube is simple to adjust and has better turning in a rapid yet controlled action.
Tiles in their entirety: Beautiful and powerful – The distinctive design of the 2 by 2 cube GAN 249, with perfectly matched tiles, provides the cube strength and visual richness. Workmanship is exceptional. GAN produced this with pride and careful attention.
Lightweight but manageable – The Gan249 V2 M is only 52 grams in weight. The lightness of the 2×2 cube provides an excellent handfeel and increased turning speed. Controlling is simple.
Super The GAN249 v2 M is powered by magnets and boasts a perfect balance of magnetic and elastic forces. Inside, 48 carefully positioned 3*1.5 magnets make it easy to manage the cube’s power using magnetic forces.



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