Gan 11 M Pro 3x3x3 Magnetic Stickerless


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Gan 11 M Pro 3x3x3 Magnetic Stickerless

The GAN 11 M Pro is GAN’s flagship 3×3 magnetic speed cube for 2020. This cube, which features an omnidirectional magnetic core, provides a unique, increased magnetic sensation that is also simple to modify.

Frosted stickerless color (primary internals)

The industry’s first corner-core magnetic positioning technology is GAN’s innovative omnidirectional magnetic core. The GAN 11 M Pro has 8 pairs of magnets running from the core to each corner base, in addition to the 48 magnets typically put inside the cube’s parts. This magnetic positioning technology produces a strong, constant magnetic sensation without being forceful.

The popular GAN 356 XS has the same dual adjustment mechanism as the GAN 11 M Pro. Set the elasticity to 6 different settings with the supplied adjustment tool. With the smaller blue nut, adjust tension to four different levels by hand.


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